Spira Knives

Hand forged knives

 - Made in Germany -

This craft is my passion.  After many years of trying and failing, I can now proudly present my work. 
With the sale of my knives and tools, I would like to finance my hobby and grow so on. 
Thanks for your support!

My workshop

 Here are a few pictures of my minimalist blacksmith and workshop.  I have bought all the tools and machines together from time to time and always carefully select the manufacturers with the best price-performance ratio. 
  If that does not suit me, I'll build the tools myself.  This includes, for example, my belt sander, which has served me reliably for many years.

~ "Knifemakers don't make mistakes, they just make smaller knives" ~

My Work:

Here you can see a custom order. 
The dagger has a blade made out of O2  (1.2842), a tool steel that is widely used in industry because of its good properties. 
The handle is made of 3000 years old, stabilized bog oak and gives the whole knife not only a great look, but a character.

Cooking may not be for everyone, but with a good knife, it's definitely fun!
Essential for home cooks and professionals, it's the number one tool in the kitchen.
This hand-forged kitchen knife has a unique blade patina that continues to grow over the years of use.
The handle has a typical Japanese octagonal shape and stands out with the combination of pear and mahogany wood and steel liners.

This collector's item was not designed for practical use, but is simply there to look beautiful. The characteristics of a camping knife brings it nevertheless! With 5mm material thickness at the back of the blade, it is one of the more robust works.

Handmade tools

 In addition to my knives, I also produce tools for the blacksmith on a small scale.  I've targeted hobbyists by offering fair priced tools but not making high end tools.
  In the meantime, I do not only sell all over Europe but ship all over the world, such as the USA, where the knifemaking scene is strongly represented.

The Knifemaker's Fileguide

My handmade fileguide.
Swipe to the right and learn more!

A fileguide is needed to make hidden tang constructions highly accurate.
The tang is the narrow section on the left side. In contrast to a knife whose handle consists of two scales and steel the middle (see "Funky Cleaver"), the tang here is hidden in the handle material, as you can see it with my dagger or the Japanese kitchen knife.

My fileguides are made of 1.2842 O2 tool steel.
They are hardened and tempered by myself.
The dimensions are 12mm x 20mm x 80mm (0.5" x 0.8" x 3.1"). So pretty much every blade fits between the jaws and there is enough support for a file.

The steel is precision ground and therefore almost perfectly right-angled.
With the help of the two M6 cylinder head screws you can tighten the jaws.
Threads are cut in the lower part to avoid unnecessary nuts.

The Knifemaker's Handsanding Block

The love of every cutler: the polishing
(Of course not)

This, however, makes it a bit more pleasant.
The sandpaper is wrapped around the block and fixed with two metal pins. This makes it firm and does not tear easily.

The sanding sheets can be easily cut from a standard sandpaper sheet size 230mm x 280mm. With 8 pieces à 115mm x 70mm, the sanding block can be optimally used and you have no expensive blends.

As a material, I use WPC, a wood-plastic composite that scores highly for its water resistance, cost, and light weight over steel.
The edges are deliberately sharp-edged, so that you can reach hard to reach places like the ricasso.

Here is the sanding block in action to see, I prefer sanding with wet-sanding sandpaper.

Was zeichnet uns aus?

The Knifemaker's Broach

The perfect complement to the file guide.
Why? Swipe to the right!

This small rasp is designed to hollow out the interior of a handle block to sink the tang therein.
Its razor-sharp teeth can be sharpened easily.


It is made of 1.2842 O2 tool steel and has a hand-turned handle made of whitebeam.
As a little gimmick, textured steel is at the top.

The handle was ground to grain 600 and sealed with food grade oil.
The fine structure of the whitebeam gives the tool a great character and refines it.

About me

Let me tell you a bit about me:

Hi, I'm Tim. 
I am 20 years old and have been involved with the subject of knifemaking for about three years. Over the years, I have tried and learned a lot and am now so far that I can trust myself to sell my work. 
I design and produce the knives to 100% myself, so each is a one-off, mass produced goods do not exist! 
In my little workshop I can also make other tools and helpers, you can see them in my gallery. 
Knifemaking is an expensive hobby, for which I must strictly calculate as a student. To make employment a little more affordable, I offer my work at fair prices. By doing so, you are helping the small traders from whom I get my products and to a small extent myself, which allows me to continue to grow and gain experience. 
If you are interested in a knife of mine or you want to hold your own custom knife in your hand, you can contact me via [email protected] or via the Instagram DM. 

  Thank you for your interest!X

You want to have your own custom knife?

Thats no problem, you can contact me here

Your own custom knife

I offer the possibility to make a knife specially designed for you. So you own a unique piece that is not only more special than any wholesale knife, but it is tailored exactly to your needs. You can also choose the design, the steel and the handle yourself. Of course, I like to help, as the selection on the market today is almost infinite.

Smoked Oak



Green Canvas Micarta

3000 years old stabilized Bog Oak

Contact me here: 

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